Premature Ejaculation Food

Want to know what foods are to improve premature ejaculation? Okay. Here they are.


We all know that it is a perfect treat on a hot day. Yet, most people do not realize that it can be a perfect treat for a steamy night too. Researchers found that this fruit can help with L-arginine production.  According to a study, the consumption of watermelon helped men to treat erectile problems and others have concluded that it helps in treating early ejaculation as well.

Lean meats

Red meat is not the healthiest choice to improve men sexual performance. However, including lean meats can be healthy. If you want to add lean meats, choose cuts with little to no fat. Stick with the leanest meat options, like Buffalo.


Asparagus is good on the grill. Indeed. It pairs well with steaks, and it provides a lot of iron, as well as vitamin E. Researchers, think that this is what asparagus gives its potency as a sexual performance booster. This vegetable helps boost testosterone production. And it is closely linked to improving performance.


There is a reason why blueberries are called as a ‘superfood.’ Blueberries help in regulating blood sugar, weight loss and now, they are being called ‘Nature’s Viagra.’ For men who suffer from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, blueberries have to be the go-to smoothie ingredient.


More and more people realize the benefits of this fruit. It is rich in healthy fats as well as folic acid. These improve to metabolize proteins. Thus, promoting better energy creation. Adding this fruit in your diet can help with entire body health and overcome premature ejaculation.


Yes, bananas. Bananas can help you overcome premature ejaculation. Let’s us explain. As a matter of fact, bananas contain an enzyme known as bromelain. In several studies, bromelain has been linked to increasing libido and has been known to be effective treatment impotence. This fruit helps in sexual endurance and stamina, thanks to its vitamin B and potassium content.

Leafy, green vegetables

Kale and spinach are probably the best known leafy green vegetables. While these may get overlooked, if you add them to your diet they will surely help you combat premature ejaculation once and for all. These vegetables are rich in folate, a powerful sexual performance booster.


People who concern for heart health or immunity may already know about the incredible power of garlic. Yet, when it comes to treating premature ejaculation, only a few know. Garlic contains allicin, which increases the blood circulation around the pelvic area. Add that to its cardiovascular benefits. Adding garlic to your diet is indeed a good idea.


Men have been eating oysters in order to improve their sexual performance for years. While some men thought that this might just be an urban legend, raw oysters really do help to improve sexual performance. It is rich in Zinc, which is one of the most important minerals for male sexual health. It also boosts testosterone levels and improves sperm production.